Bear Attack is the first installation in a trio of multi-sensory works dissecting human interaction, relationships, and expectations. Bear Attack describes a journey to the shadow world where men savagely transform and become “the bear” that walks among us— the perpetrator of the Bear Attack. The artworks explore the heinous fear that often hides in plain sight; in this case, a relationship between a man and woman (the artist).

The installation was inspired by a national park sign seen by the artist while hiking in Jackson, Wyoming. The sign read, “Be alert. Make noise. Carry bear spray. Avoid hiking alone. Do not run.” The sign evoked ideas of rape culture, roofie drug culture, and female subjugation. 

Kellems Dominik went on to pen an essay which served as the genesis for the work. Kellems Dominik wrote: “Terror is explored through three phases of a young woman’s life: youth, young adulthood, and established womanhood. Despite the young woman’s intelligence, worldliness, and command of her environment, she is unable to protect herself emotionally and/or physically from the insidious nature of the “Bear.” Love, hope, desire, need, and longing is perverted into something dangerous, terrifying, and unexpected. This perversion prevents the innocent target of the series from understanding the near and present danger until it is far too late." Bear Attack was Kellems Dominik's first gallery show, launching what she describes as her professional journey as an artist and emotional autobiographer.


The multi-sensory installation integrates a large-scale photographic triptych, the written word, a multi-layered soundtrack, video, taxidermy, and a "cabinet of curiosities" holding the trappings of the Urban Bear.