Beatrice – To Hell and Back is the second installation in a trio of multi-sensory works dissecting human interaction, relationships, and expectations. Beatrice, the golden goat, and champion of the exhibition is a self-portrait of the artist and emblem of Kellems Dominik’s continuous investigation and reconciliation of love, loss, and identity. 

The works seek to reinterpret the timeless tale of insufficient and selfish love and delves through the traumatic layers of a modern tale with a historic soul. Building from the stories of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy and La Vita Nuova (1295) Kellems Dominik confronts her own emotional autobiography and tells a different story in which only one partner will shed the invisible chains of hell to reach for the stars.


The installation integrates sculpture, multi-media photography, neon, the written word, a layered soundtrack, and scent.