Badassery (2010-present)

Original Badassery,  2010.

Original Badassery, 2010.

Badassery (2010-present) is an ongoing series comprised of spoken-word poems Kellems Dominik has composed that function as artist statements for each of her respective bodies of work.  These poems are comprised of affirmative statements, colloquialisms, words, and phrases that are the emotional and intellectual scaffolding for her work. The Badassery series accompany Kellems Dominik’s wider body of work spanning from Invisible, to Bear Attack, and We The People. The poems have inspired the exploration of new media and represent an evolution in the artist’s practice that bridges performance, time-based art, spoken-word poetry, and written language. This ongoing exploration of rhetoric pervades throughout the artist’s practice and inspires the investigation into new media and ultimately new myth-making. The Badassery poems are available in a series of limited print editions that render the intangibility of the medium in physical form.