Dangerous Dance

Dangerous Dance (2016) is a self portrait and time-based performance, a work of emotional autobiography consisting of a silent and experiential video structurally built upon a musical eight count. Through silence, the video invites viewers to project their own “internal soundtrack” onto the performance. Dangerous Dance comprises a body of work exploring and dissecting the fundamental human need to be seen, heard and valued in celebration of individuality.

Notwithstanding its bodily performance, the artist subjects herself to the rigidity of 2D space, restricting choreography to movements that fit within the four confining “walls” of the projection. The over-exposure and distortion of color recalls a sense exaggerated sensitivity to light, a vulnerability to surveillance, and a complexity in the voyeuristic camerawork. The unflinching lens and the structural severity lead to an ambivalence and discomfort that permeate the action in this short, silent film.

We The People – Stoned (2018)

We The People – Stoned (2018) is one element of a larger body of work poetically reimagines the experience of community turning in on itself. The title springs from the opening line of the United States Preamble and mirrors the anxieties of our contemporary political environment and alludes to freedom of opinion, the rhetoric of violence, and the sanctity of human rights.

Kellems Dominik describes the work as “a ritual stoning the denies the viewer any specific person associated with the action. You never see the person casting the stones or the person being struck. The viewer therefore becomes the voyeur, the destroyer, and the victim.” Viewed independently, the video is a contemplative statement on and an investigation of our ridged, entrenched, and polarized society.