Freehold Gallery Showcase

Presented as their 'featured artist', the emotional autobiographer and multidisciplinary artist spotlighted works from her Hateful Love, SIN, Fuck Love, and Badassery series.  The installation reinforced the artist's interest in bringing provocative, participator, expressive works of art to a broad and democratic audience of art connoisseurs, culture seekers, and inquisitive souls.  At the heart of Kellems' practice is the desire to commune, connect, and communicate.  This presentation breaks with conventional exhibition practice to infuse art into the very fabric of life.  

Hateful Love is a work from the signature Badassery method, communicating the polarity of love through striking text and soft, delicate imagery. Built from scenes pitting beauty against ugliness, the series lays bare the intensity that can accompany even the most gentle expressions of desire. Hateful Love describes that very complex moment when passion erupts into something grander and grotesque, utterly unrecognizable and infinitely more complicated than the simplest love.

SIN puts the Seven Deadly Sins, into action. Kellems Dominik creates a beauty-wrapped moment and gives life, intentionality and emotion to her inanimate muses. Presenting multimedia photographic images and the written word, this series brings the Bibles sins into the forefront, simulated in contemporary imagery using contemporary iconography, suggestion and decadence in large scale golden-bronze..

Fuck Love neon is a detail from the multi-sensory installation In Her Dreams. Dissecting human interaction, relationships and expectations, In Her Dreams revolves around a young woman’s relationship with her bed. The bed serves as a partner – a reservoir for her hopes, dreams and disappointments. This installation is a universal work of emotional autobiography and thus serves utterly and irrevocably as a deeply personalized, participatory experience.

The presentation was showcased at Freehold in Brooklyn, New York from X to September 17, 2018.

Photography by Stephen Smith for Art Zealous.