I Can Feel (2017)


I Can Feel (2017) is a neon sculpture and choreographed light performance.  Standing at 12ft tall, the 27.68 second neon performance illuminates the rising emotion and viscerally glorifies the female orgasm in its overt monumentality. Described as a work of emotional autobiography — the artist’s distinct medium that prioritizes first and foremost the lived experience at the genesis of her work — the sculpture’s central feature is a 5’ 3.5” vagina, a number that symbolically represents the artist’s height. The viewer basks in an effusive pink and blue neon glow as the choreography elicits the warmth of human touch and the vindication of emotional redemption.  The title of the work describes a self-affirmation, a personal breakthrough experienced in the wake of a mourned relationship, wherein the subject has progressed beyond the stages of grief to proclaim the achievement of self-empowerment and to ultimately embrace both physical and spiritual joy.  Despite the overtly-feminine iconography, the work is intended to convey a universal, non-gendered expression of fundamental human needs: the need to communicate, connect, and commune.  The artwork is a poetic reclamation of the self.