About the Artist


Suzy Kellems Dominik (b. 1961) is a multi-disciplinary artist and emotional autobiographer known for her fearlessly confrontational work. The deliberately feminist themes she explores are realized through various mediums and serve to dissect the most intimate moments of human relationships. Kellems Dominik seeks to encourage the amplification of strong female voices with a focus on self-empowerment, pleasure, and the private-made-public.  Her extensive and varied body of work is underscored by a profound empathy for the vulnerability of the human condition and for the principles that underlie our efforts to connect, communicate, and commune. Kellems Dominik’s work is characterized by her diligent research of our culture’s visual traditions, societal taboos, religious legacy, and the body of the individual. She often uses her own body to expose rigidly antiquated social constructs and to examine the role of female sensuality and agency in subversion of patriarchal social and aesthetic conventions. Drawing on the endlessly expressive qualities of film, performance, photography, and sculpture, Kellems Dominik explores objectification and the male gaze, human trauma, female sexuality, agency, and her own experience of loss and survival. 

Driven by a mission to speak to broad and diverse audiences and striving to disrupt the dogmas of the contemporary art market, Kellems Dominik’s work has been exhibited internationally both within and beyond the white-cube space of the traditional art gallery.

Kellems Dominik has exhibited solo presentations at The Laundry, (San Francisco), Onishi Project (New York), LaCuna Art Studios (Chicago), and at Coup d’Etat (San Francisco), with a forthcoming solo presentation at The Laundry (San Francisco) in January 2019.  

Her sculptural installations have been exhibited internationally in collaboration with the PUBLIC Hotel (Chicago), the Nautilus Hotel (Miami), and the Freehand Hotel (Miami).  Kellems Dominik has further presented her work on the international art fair circuit, including with the Armory Show (New York), Scope Art Fair (Miami), the Tokyo International Art Fair (Tokyo), the Affordable Art Fair (New York).